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walking on the winds 

of yesterday
carrying a smile
in my hands
of the love I found

were always there
blue-gray eyes radiating 
the magic
of your acceptance
your brown
wrinkled face
mapping the rutted roads 
demanded you travel

some how 
like a shamus
of your people
you seemed to know 
without words
the scars
that webbed my soul
from the brutal wounds
of rape

and from the essence
of your being
you willed my life
to manhood

(for Ma Nan, 
with eternal gratitude and adoring love) 

a golden dawn

gentle whispers
on morning beams
shafting pathways
through the trees
silver sails
across a pale blue sky
pink filigreed
the sounds of laughter
embracing me-
glee from a heart
by love
mourning dove wings
white fire
as they soar
into the gold
my mother's voice
"wake up son"

september's eulogy 

one by one
like leaves that 
hear the fond refrain

blanket my breast
with sanguine glory
give me all the notes 
that twizzle 
with conceit

how many loves
have folded in the fall
how many fell
scattered gold to brown,
disallusioned dreams
that rot beneath december hoar
bequeathing night-jewels
reflected fire
of noonday insanities
blazing ice

how many