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walking in the rain

remembering a time
when the sky
exposed itself
and leaves flamed
like the colors
of a serape

bird songs 
spoke fantasies
content with their own
special truth
butterflies fluttered
in giddy patterns 
above flowered fields
with their ephemeral reality

moments embraced eternities
eternities sailed on winds
where eagles soared
above snowcapped peaks
that bled silver 
to nurture valleys below

walking in the rain


God Is a Rainbow

I dare you
to look into the upturned face 
of a child
that beams with unconditional love
and say there is no God

even if God were nothing more than
a concept
light reflecting its essence
off of substance
its many hues inspiring
the beholder to embrace abstractions
that compel him
to lift his face upward
for the higher values
to beam from his countenance
like a rainbow
filled with the refraction
of beauty and hope
light reflecting
the nature of God

window dreaming

day after day
floating in a fantasy
snow to sun
where memories change moods
like a nuthatch hopping 
from morsel to morsel
or doves on a telephone wire
swaying gently

I know
green shoots wait patiently
for spring

I am sure
even now
when reality is imaged
through a window pane
rusty buds rustle
in their sheath
restless in blossom-dreams

I will wrap myself 
in warm garments 
sit on the crisp 
brown lawn
and gaze at the snow capped peaks
above the shadowed valleys

I Keep Going Back
to the time
when life walked 
through each day
at a slow, steady pace

each day's rewards
were paid in silver sweat
and bird songs

and in the evening
we worshipped from the altar
of the front porch
where today's dreams
shimmered behind
a pastel curtain