Liz Rule © 2011


Majestic trunks -
river red gums rise
out of Wimmera soil;
raucous cries 
of swooping, whirling,
weaving swarms of birds
salute the swathe of sunset -
without words.

Coruscating colours
of evening’s sun
daub dancing leaves 
and wanton wings outspun;
nature wields its spell,
wizard night
propels aloft 
the shadow, soul-kite.

On pensive pinions,
to eagle-view the world,
I hover on slipstreams 
of mind unfurled,
savour endless 
vistas of imagination,
draw deep-watered thoughts
from wellsprings of creation.

of nature’s primal rhythm,
rippling echoes
from depths I cannot fathom -
wizard night’s 
wild tattoo from afar
aligns my course 
past furthest fiery star.

© Liz Rule 2007

The Park Keeper

Oh Gawd,
not spring again - 
and all this flamen blossom,
petals all over the place,
pollen flying through the air - 

Got me work cut out for me, 
keepen up with all this.
How will I ever get this park tidy?
Bleeden nature, droppen its petals everywhere -
it will be weeks before it stops
and I can get back to doen
really important things
like chasen kids and their freaken games
off the grass -

Not again! -
me nose's drippen!
and there’s other work I have to do today,
besides raken up those pesky petals - 
seems like autumn just got done
with droppen its leaves -

Then there was all that mud
from the snow melt -
one ruddy thing after another.
It's a conspiracy! -
Nature, and all those freaken people
who think a park's just a place to have fun -
then the rain,
and now me sinuses,
worse than the rain -

Freaken jeeezus!!!!
Now it's lovers again
cavorten on my grass.
There's nothen I hate more.
Well, I'll soon put a stop to that -

© Liz Rule 2007

The Swing

Doors open… doors close…
Out into the world she goes.
Which way? Show me please!
Moments later, life’s a breeze.

Is it here? is it there?
Should I climb the winding stair?
Where is love? Where is laughter?
Happiness forever after?

Indecision… moments dark…
Life’s a journey, sometimes stark.
Am I right? or am I wrong?
Who will listen to my song?

Who will understand my plight?
Someone: tell me I’m all right!
Where’s the pointer? Where the sign?
Is this someone’s Grand Design?

Love and hate, war and peace,
Death, destruction without cease.
What is Truth? and what illusion?
Am I rapt in grand delusion?

What is life? and where is God?
Does it pass me by without a nod,
Or am I entangled with its thought,
A part of all that it has wrought?

Who is the Watcher in my life, 
The one who sends me joy and strife?
Does it bend me to its will,
Or does it lie quiescent, still…

Observing every thought of mine
And moulding it in mills divine,
Reflecting back my every whim,
My darkest thought or lofty hymn?

Am I the Mover in my life,
The one who calls forth love or strife,
And is every thought of mine
Sculptor of the will divine?

© Liz Rule 2006


crimson passion of the bush
love’s flame unfolding 
to ignite 
the tendrils of my heart

my love you are
my waratah
deep in the valleys
and the gorges of my heart

© Liz Rule 2006

first light – 
a layer of ice
on the bird bath

© Liz Rule 2011

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freshly cut lemons…
the stillness
of the wind chimes

© Liz Rule 2011