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A local bar has come up with a decadent spin on hot chocolate.

Combining the finest chocolates from around the world, they craft a cup of bliss, with amazing depth and character. In a final stroke of genius, they drop in just a few sea urchin eggs.

The mixture is served in an amazingly ornate cup, in the roe cocoa style.

Full-Throttle Soliloquy

Some think me mad, espousing baser need,
Acceleration, nay, for wanton speed.
But where in this fair land might I acquire,
A car to feed this demon of desire.

My heart took flight. It burst from prison bars.
My answer found, it’s Johnson’s Muscle Cars.
I must replace my TV, fried some parts.
My drool didst short it out. Oh fie, that smarts!

By bus and foot I trekked to Johnson’s lot, 
And suffered sticker-shock, but I was caught.
Who thought some ancient beast leave me undone?
From the year Nineteen Seventy and One.

A fearsome Cutlass, chromed out to the bumpers,
350 Rocket, dual Holley double pumpers.
The engine sound didst shake me to the core,
To hear that Oldsmobile’s throaty roar.

So now ensconced in Cutlass, I take flight,
With thoughts of only pedal on the right.
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Waltz of the Spheres

With ponderous grace, the planets dance,
Ancient patterns ebb and flow.
Orbs of joy wrap gravity’s embrace,
Circuitous glee when we reach perigee.

And long the master calls the dance,
Holding all in warm embrace.
Spraying bits of plasma,
‘Cross the floor to feed the show.

One day the master's swell,
Will quell the dancers of the inner ring.
And giants mourn the passing,
Of the rocky bits of shining light.

Will planets note the fleeing,
Carbon bits toward endless night?
In metal cases riding,
Waves of light, celestial flight.