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Out searching for some dinner, me thought some slithy toves might make the day,
But the weather outside 'twas brillig, and by chance I lost my way.
In search of my well-worn trail, I did gyre and gimble through the wood,
And entered upon the borogoves. I fear not mome raths, but should.

My mother well had warned me, about the Jabberwock
Bandersnatch dreams of childhood, chased by the Jubjub flock.
All those hazy, frumious dreams did cloud my fearful mind.
But none led to the trail home, the one I could not find.

In the shade of the Tumtum tree, I paused, reviewed my plight.
I wished some vorpal sword to hand, to ease my haunted flight.
No fearful apparitions, no manxome foe did rise.
Only anxious thoughts did twist my face in fearful guise.

I did not see the Jabberwock, nor kill him with my blade.
The tulgey wood gave way to clearing, wondrous brook and glade.
Upon the bank I danced a jig, a frabjous prancing lark.
I knew the stream would lead me home, snug and warm by dark.

Ernie The Killer Poodle

Ernie lived, with his owner Bill, in a rough part of town. Ernie ruled his block with an 
iron tooth, terrorizing all the dogs, cats and birds in the neighborhood.

When Bill received a large inheritance, He packed up Ernie and moved to a gated 
community. There were many new cats and dogs to terrorize. Ernie was quite happy, 
especially when chasing the swans around the lake.

The homeowners association called an emergency meeting. They decided to levy a one 
cent per day fine against Bill’s property, until the Ernie problem was resolved.

Bill understood that the amount would only increase, if he did nothing. He had a dog run 
constructed. Issue resolved. The fine was lifted.

As everyone knows, a penny saved is an Ernie penned.
I’m concerned about our new receptionist, Jill.

She came in very early the morning after the lobby restrooms were renovated. The, all 
female, work crew had finished the renovations late the previous evening. Taking some wide, gold ribbon, Jill tied fancy bows around all the urinals in the men’s room.

When I asked her why she would do such a thing, she replied that she wanted to goldly 
bow, where no man has gone before.
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