my quiet river 
pigmented with splashes of night 
your silhouette ripples run to me- 
a sleepy moon 
rubbing day out of his eyes


you are my little vase
October skies in your glass
I am a broken dandelion
abandoned by the promise of spring,
stem reaching for the twilight water in your cupped hands

when we splashed

I remember you 
candy gloss lips 
in a night long before 
the grave yards sang 
when madness disguised itself as adventure 
while taking little bites of my brain 

I splashed you 
with yellows, 
crumpled nursery rhymes 
and my silence 

you splashed me 
with greens, 
swing sets, 
and good luck charms 

somewhere we breathe 
and sound like 
a light touch on a piano key 

I never thought the water would disappear 
or that our feet would only feel the scorch of sand 
where is the oasis 
with waves that took us to God 
when He asked them to rise 

sometimes your wet skin touches me 
when I brush against soaked leaves 
I always turn around to see if maybe it really was you 
and the branches disappear 

broken crystal

I look at her through broken crystal 
I can never put back together 
she pretends a snowflake 
is a map to find me 
I whisper to her 
through out of tune guitars 
and breezes 
that make curtains dance 
while she sleeps 
sometimes I appear in flames 
and she thinks its me thats warming her 
but I am not the fire 
I am only what it burns 

music in her braids

I lie at the bay 
we once knew 
you listen to my pleas 
and scrape them off the ground 
there is music in your braids 
notes that bruise my ribs 
and make me glide 
where no one sees 
where clouds cackle 
and make me remember you and I 
when waves still knew our names 

to Red
oh to see you 
lines in my face 
you wouldn't remember 

breathe on my fingers 
they froze a long time ago 
I'm down beneath the trees 
branches stretching out 
trying to capture all of you that's gone 

may I wash my blood from your feet 
so you could dance 
through the years between us? 

take me to moments 
lost in the mud 
we'll clean off their filth 
and paint them with 
what could have been 

I caught you in words 
once or twice 
the letters all reassembled 
into the little hill 
we would lie on 
when the sky moved through us 

I still see your figure 
in the fields against 
a purple sky 
all I have now is that darkness, 
I drink it to sleep 
and dream of you 
singing songs of protection 
across my body 

sit with me again 
we'll grab onto the smoke 
and let it take us 
to that morning 
when walked across feathers 

oh, how I remember you then 
my sterling maiden of God, 
my queen of honeysuckle
if only I could turn 
every kiss I gave you into a leaf, 
a little piece of me 
that would never turn 
into the pollution I've become 

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